Tuesday, November 10, 2015


The fall has brought the usual round of pumpkin patch trips and Halloween parties.  Alex's class had a day at the Ag Museum to pick out their pumpkins, enjoy a hayride, and walk around the "Old Town." 
Sam didn't have any Halloween activities at school, and I wasn't too sad about that.  He did have "50s Day" for the 50th day of school.  All the kids dressed up in 50s clothing and headed to Brent's for a milkshake.  Anthony was a driver for the trip, so he got to see them all in action.




Alex is ALL ABOUT super heroes this year.  After much debate, he finally settled on Captain America.  We hit his Halloween party at school, and Trick or Treated a night early in our neighborhood.  (It rained for literally the first time in 100 days--we desperately needed it.)

Alex's posse.  He has quite the crew.

Sam chose to be none other than Dak Prescott.  Easiest Halloween costume ever--we already had the jersey, pants, and socks.
As Anthony put it, "One of these is a super hero; the other is Captain America." Too funny.