Tuesday, November 10, 2015


The fall has brought the usual round of pumpkin patch trips and Halloween parties.  Alex's class had a day at the Ag Museum to pick out their pumpkins, enjoy a hayride, and walk around the "Old Town." 
Sam didn't have any Halloween activities at school, and I wasn't too sad about that.  He did have "50s Day" for the 50th day of school.  All the kids dressed up in 50s clothing and headed to Brent's for a milkshake.  Anthony was a driver for the trip, so he got to see them all in action.




Alex is ALL ABOUT super heroes this year.  After much debate, he finally settled on Captain America.  We hit his Halloween party at school, and Trick or Treated a night early in our neighborhood.  (It rained for literally the first time in 100 days--we desperately needed it.)

Alex's posse.  He has quite the crew.

Sam chose to be none other than Dak Prescott.  Easiest Halloween costume ever--we already had the jersey, pants, and socks.
As Anthony put it, "One of these is a super hero; the other is Captain America." Too funny.

Monday, November 9, 2015

State Football games...

As usual, we've gone to most of the home MSU football games.  Sam has gotten where he's really into it, which makes trips to Starkville fun for all of us.  We've only taken Alex to one so far, but we're taking him with us to the Alabama game this weekend. Say a prayer.  It should be interesting.
Our children are spoiled to the max because 9 times out of 10, they get to sit in the skybox.  When the day comes that we're back in the "cheap seats" (which aren't cheap) they won't know what hit them.  
This was at the beginning of the game when he was still in a decent mood.  His new thing is to wait until we're at a bigger function, like a ballgame or the fair, and immediately ask when he can go home.

For the Kentucky game, we just took Sam.  We were able to go on the field pre-game and didn't tell him until it was time to go.  We lucked up because as we were leaving the field, the defense came out to warm-up.  I forget how big those guys are until you see them up close.  Sam was pretty pumped.

Posing for a pic as he notices the defense take the field.



Sunday, November 8, 2015

Fall soccer and flag football...

Sam got really lucky this fall and ended up on a soccer team with a bunch of his classmates.  He had a blast, and his team was actually pretty good.  They're a pretty sweet group of boys.

After a hot morning at the soccer field, what could be better than an uncapped fire hydrant?  This thing was spewing water for days and the neighborhood kids LOVED it. 

And on to more soccer...
The last day of the season was one of the few cold days we've had this fall. 


And on to flag football.

 Not so lucky with our team for this sport.  The poor kids didn't win a single game. The one game he got to play WR, he did score 2 touchdowns, so he was pleased. He had a good time, but I can't say I'm sad that it's over.  We need a break from after-school activities for awhile.

First day of 2nd grade, and first day of PK3

Sam started 2nd (!) grade.  Good grief.  We've upgraded our backpack this year.  No more Skylanders for us.  Nope.  This year we had to have the same backpack that Dak uses.  Let's hope he gets at least 2 years wear out of it because it was not cheap.  

And Alex started PK3, again.  We had the choice to bump him up to PK4 or keep him in PK3.  We decided to keep him with his buddies, so he's repeating this year. He is so much happier.  Just think--it's only taken him 3 years to decide he's ok going to a half-day of "school."